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The LOVEwork is mounted on a cement slab with bricks which is representative of the image that is associated with Appomattox, the McLean House. It was in the here that Generals Lee and Grant laid the groundwork for peace and restoration.

L  – Constructed of brick from the “original” wall, dating back to the 1800s, that surrounds the historic courthouse square.

Stacking of the Arms (Created and donated by Virginia Metal Fab)  & Cannonballs (donated by Moore’s Machine Shop) – Recognizes Appomattox and its role in the ending of the American Civil War, the three muskets mimic the “Stacking of the Arms” symbolizing “Peace”.

O – Represents the Joel Sweeney Banjo, a local man who crafted and popularized the traditional African instrument by adding a 5th string.

V – (labor donated by Ryan Atkins) The Stone and Oars Represent the James River, Holliday Lake, and High Bridge Trail State Parks’, which are located in Appomattox.

E  – The train silhouette represents the historical  significance of the Railroads’ location, the role it played to the surrender and reunification of a new nation pre-, during and post the American Civil War, and the future development of the Town.  (Created and donated by Virginia Metal Fab)

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The RIR staff teamed up and constructed a LOVEwork, which is completely race-themed:

•“L” – made from Goodyear tires – the same ones seen weekly in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
•“O” – wrapped in checkered flag vinyl, symbolizing the checkered flag that waves at the conclusion of a race
•“V” – made of actual racing helmets
•“E” – made of sheet metal that were once part of cars that raced in NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and NASCAR Nationwide Series races
•The base for each letter is made from the metal used to construct the SAFER walls – interior retaining wall at Richmond International Raceway that absorbs energy from the impact of cars that hit the wall

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